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Selenium Grid-4 is the latest and greatest that’s happening in Selenium Grid.

The Grid has been completely re-architected so that it’s more scaleable and supports elasticity of the Grid (ability for the Grid to scale up and scale down with ease.

Like Grid-3, the Grid-4 standalone also comes baked in with help.

$ java -jar selenium-server-4.0.0-alpha-5.jar
Selenium Server commands

A list of all the commands available. To use one, run `java -jar selenium.jar

  distributor  Adds this server as the distributor in a selenium grid.
  hub          A grid hub, composed of sessions, distributor, and router.
  info         Prints information for commands and topics.
  node         Adds this server as a node in the selenium grid.
  router       Creates a router to front the selenium grid.
  sessions     Adds this server as the session map in a selenium grid.
  standalone   The selenium server, running everything in-process.

For each command, run with `--help` for command-specific help

Use the `--ext` flag before the command name to specify an additional classpath
to use with the server (for example, to provide additional commands, or to
provide additional driver implementations). For example:

  java -jar selenium.jar --ext example.jar:dir standalone --port 1234

The Selenium Grid standalone jar basically supports running in different modes which are referred to as commands that can be passed to the standalone uber jar.

Run as a standalone

This is probably where most of us will start when it comes to getting introduced with Selenium Grid 4. Read more about it here